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Environmental Remediation, Restoration and Abatement Services

What we do

Asbestos Abatement:

Whether it be ACM pipe or pipe insulation, Drywall Joint Compound, VAT, Transite or other, Eco Industries has worked with virtually every type of asbestos material and removal method possible. Our staff is fully to trained and certified to complete your abatement or remediation whether it be a Type 1 non-friable project or a full Type 3 set-up with decontamination facilities. We are a licensed hauler under the MOEE helping us to complete any project large or small as cost effectively as possible.

Mould Remediation:

Mould remediation has grown to become a significant part of our business. The experienced gained from this growth has given us the ability to look at mould remediation projects from multiple perspectives to select the best method to realize a solution. Is it best to remove and dispose of the contaminated material, does it require some method of blasting to remove the mould and preserve the substrate, or is it an instance where encapsulation is best?  Our certified, highly trained and creative staff can help evaluate each situation to ensure a safe clean environment is the end result.


Hazardous Materials:

In addition to Asbestos and Mould Eco has the expertise to handle remediation projects involving other hazardous materials such as lead paint, PCB’s, and microbiological materials such as bat or rodent feces. Regardless of the project we will create a plan to deal with your issue as efficiently and cost effectively as possible while adhering to all applicable MOL regulations or Industry guidelines.


With Eco, the completion of the environmental remediation does not have to be the end of our involvement. For either ease of management or due to time sensitivity we can often handle the restoration or reinstatement portion of the project as well. Typically, this involves drywall, insulation or painting however we have the in-house capability to complete almost any standard restoration project you need.

Re- Insulation:

Our trained installers of industrial and commercial insulation allow us to be a one stop shop when it comes to asbestos or mould abatement on mechanical systems. We can install Armaflex on chillers or chilled water lines to high temp fibreglass on steam lines. Coverings can include ASJ jacket, canvas, PVC, or metal depending upon the environment.  Many times, the cause of an environmental issue such as mould is because of an incorrect insulation selection for the given environment. Eco can not only remediate the problem but provide a lasting solution.

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